Printable Coloring Pages

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These printable coloring pages offer the perfect opportunity to relax and let loose with markers, colored pencils, and gel pens as you let your creativity shine!

Cute Chimp Coloring Page by Thaneeya

Coloring is a fun, creative activity for all ages. These coloring pages are so detailed that it can take you hours to complete just one page. And the best thing?

They’re available for instant download as soon as you make your purchase, so you can start coloring right away! Once you download these fun coloring pages onto your computer, you can print them as many times as you want (for personal, non-commercial use only within your household). This means you don't have to worry about coloring them in "perfectly" on your first try. It also means you can experiment with different media and different color schemes!

The coloring pages are available as e-books only, which means you print the pages on your own printer. After purchase, you will receive an email with a download link so you can access these pages ASAP and get coloring right away! Since these are e-books, you won't receive any hard copies in the mail.

If you're interested in a hard-copy book, check out Thaneeya’s Published Coloring Books.

There are currently 18 printable coloring books available. Click for more info:

About these Printable Coloring Pages

These printable coloring books are filled with the whimsical black & white illustrations of Thaneeya McArdle (that's me!). I started working on my first-ever set of coloring printables way back in 2010 and released it as an e-book in 2011. Back then, coloring for adults wasn’t a huge trend yet so I wasn’t sure if anyone would even buy them! To my delight and surprise, my first set of printable coloring pages sold really well so over the next few years I released 5 more sets of printables.

In 2014 my printable coloring pages caught the eye of a publisher who offered me a whopping 9-book publishing deal! Since then I’ve published over 30 coloring books which have sold over 3.9 million copies worldwide. I’m excited to continue bringing you more all-new sets of printable coloring pages and published coloring books over the coming years! 😃

What are Printable Coloring Pages, exactly?

"Printable coloring pages" are a collection of B+W line drawings that are delivered to you digitally as a PDF file. They're similar to the regular "pre-printed" coloring books that you can buy in shops - but they offer certain advantages!

Here's why:

Abstract Art Coloring Book by Thaneeya
  • You can print these coloring pages as many times as you want - for the rest of your life!

    No need to worry about messing up that one precious page, or stressing over what colors to use, when you can simply print out a new page and start afresh whenever you want.

    This opens the door to all kinds of possibilities and experiments - from changing the colors you use to playing around with different media!

  • You can print these pages on anything that you can run through your printer.

    This means you can print on museum-quality archival watercolor paper, on fabric, on sticker paper, on canvas, and more!

    You control the quality of the paper. When you use store-bought coloring books, you're stuck coloring on whatever type of paper they give you, which is often acidic paper that will turn yellow over time. (Although I’m happy to note that the paper in my published coloring books is considered “archival” and rated to last over 200 years!)

  • You can enjoy coloring on single-sided paper rather than double-sided paper!

    Store-bought coloring books often include double-sided pages, meaning there are illustrations to color on both the front and the back of each page. This forces you to choose between the front or the back, because the colors from markers will typically bleed through the paper, thus ruining the image on the back. Printable coloring pages give you much more freedom! (That said, I’m happy to again note that my published coloring books are all single-sided so you never have to choose between coloring the front or the back of a page!)

Bottom line? All of these perks means you get excellent value for your money!

Why Coloring is Fun and Beneficial:

Printable Bird Coloring Page by Thaneeya

If you haven't colored since you were a kid, maybe it's time to treat yourself!

When you color, you're giving yourself permission to sit back and let your mind drift while you focus your attention on colors and shapes, feeling the movement of your hand across the paper, as you watch the line drawing come alive.

It's the perfect de-stresser after a hectic day – or even right in the middle of a busy schedule! If you take time out and spend just 5-10 minutes coloring, even those few minutes can be enough to center yourself and get re-energized.

These coloring pages are very portable. All you need is a single printed page and a handful of colors and you're good to go!

Mandala Colored with Watercolors

There are so many reasons why people enjoy coloring. Here are just a few...

  • Coloring is therapeutic. It helps calm your mind so you can relax.

  • Coloring can put you in the "flow". When you concentrate on coloring, you are in the moment, which is energizing and revitalizing.

  • Coloring is a creative warm-up. It helps you tap into your artistic self and spark your imagination.

  • When you color, you make your mark! Artistic expression can lead to a healthy sense of self.

It is my aim with these printable coloring pages to provide you with a fun starting point for self-expression. When you color my line drawings, it's like a groovy collaboration between you and me, resulting in a super cool and totally unique piece of art!

Ready to color? Hop back up and check out my printable coloring pages!


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With over 11 hours of detailed video (divided into 65 bite-sized lessons), you can follow along at home at your own pace with the 50+ pages of downloadable resources! You’ll learn step-by-step how to use alcohol markers to color in the three artworks below: a luminescent mandala, a whimsical owl and pair of realistic cherries!

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