Disclosures & Advertising

I hope you enjoy Art-is-fun.com and find the information and artwork both useful and inspiring. This site is truly a labor of love, and it is entirely created by one individual - me. I created this site because art is my passion. It's my creative outlet and one of my favorite forms of self-expression. I know how fulfilling and transformative the artistic process can be, and it is my honor to help you along your own artistic path in any way possible.

On this site, I recommend various art supplies that I have personally used and found to be of good quality. I also include links to art supplies that I haven't yet used - but would love to if I could! These links will take you to the online stores where the products can be safely and securely purchased. These sites include Blick Art Materials (which I wholeheartedly recommend as the #1 online store for purchasing art supplies, since I've been buying my art supplies from them for over a decade!), as well as Amazon, for the few things that Blick doesn't currently carry.

Art-is-fun.com has an affiliate relationship with Blick Art Materials and Amazon. If you click on a link in my site that leads you to either of these online stores, and you make a purchase from that site within a given timeframe, then I will receive a small percentage of that sale as a commission, at no extra cost to you.

This site does not include any advertising in the form of paid text links or paid guest articles. Although I frequently get requests from companies that want to pay me to include a text link from my site to theirs, or want to pay me to post a guest article on this site, I always turn down these requests because it’s important to me that all the content on this site is created by me.

Occasionally an art supply company will offer to send me free products to try out. If and when I accept their offer, I always let them know that there is no guarantee that I will write about their product on my site, and no guarantee that I will write a favorable or lengthy review. All opinions expressed are fully my own and are not influenced or incentivized by companies offering free products. When I do write about a product that I have received for free, I disclose it on that page in the name of transparency.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) in the US requires everyone—from website owners such as myself to social media influencers—to disclose affiliate relationships, as well as disclose free products received in exchange for endorsements. I am more than happy to do so, not simply because it’s required, but also because it’s the honest thing to do. Many sites and influencers either don’t disclose, or they only have a single disclosure at the top or bottom of the page (which is technically against FTC regulations), but on my site I strive to have multiple disclosures placed as close as possible to the links so that my site visitors are aware of my affiliate relationships.

Enjoy Art-is-fun.com and happy art-making!! 😃