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Coloring is a wonderfully relaxing and creative activity for adults, teens and kids alike! It's a perfect pastime for total beginners as well as advanced colorists, because when you're coloring, there is no right or wrong. You have total freedom to express your unique vision for each page using any methods and materials you like. Anything goes when you're coloring - it's a chance to let your inner light shine!

Coloring for adults is a popular trend that has spread like wildfire around the world—and for good reason: it's fun, relaxing, therapeutic, and creative. Coloring can be a meditative process in which you become so focused on the activity that all other thoughts and concerns fall away... and when you're done, you have some cool art you can show for it!

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Join me in a coloring adventure! I'm thrilled to offer the opportunity to color in my line art in 3 different formats: printable coloring e-books, published printed books, and coloring posters. On this page you can also find links to free printable coloring pages from my e-books, as well as tips for coloring!

Coloring Courses

If you’d like to learn my coloring techniques in-depth, check out my comprehensive video courses all about coloring with alcohol markers! My Ultimate Guide to Using Alcohol Markers includes detailed step-by-step demonstrations of how I colored in the three artworks below. Printable line art is provided, along with color swatches and color names, so you can follow along with me! You’ll also learn about which brands to buy, the best paper to use, how to maintain your markers, how to blend smoothly, and so much more!

Printable Coloring Pages

Published Books

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Free Coloring Pages!

Free Coloring Pages

Would you like some free coloring pages?! I’m delighted to offer you a free printable coloring book when you sign up for my newsletter below! Above you can see a sample of the images that you’ll receive. Every month, I’ll also send you one free printable, for an entire year!

Guide to Coloring Supplies

Coloring enthusiasts often ask me art supplies I like to color with. The secret is that I don't use a single medium: I like to combine markers, colored pencils, gel pens, and pens to create a whole range of fun, vibrant effects. I also like to add sparkly gemstones or glitter puffy paint for that extra bit of pizazz! For a detailed exploration of what I use, check out my Guide to Coloring Supplies.

Although I usually combine media in my coloring, my main go-to coloring supply is markers, because they're great for laying down large areas of vibrant color. If you’d like to learn more about art markers, check out my in-depth Guide to Buying Markers, which I wrote with total beginners in mind. It covers everything you need to know if you want to dive into the world of art markers, such as tip shape, blending, permanence, cost, and whether you should buy water-based markers or alcohol-based markers.

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Coloring Videos

Check out my coloring videos on YouTube!

Coloring Tutorials

Join me as I color in the whimsical frog coloring page below from my Woodland Mandalas Coloring Book! I created a detailed step-by-step tutorial that shows you all the colors I used to color in this detailed nature scene.

If you like what you see, then get out your colored pencils and color along with me!

Check out several more of my coloring tutorials here!

My Coloring Story

In 2010 I started working on my first coloring book - a collection of abstract mandalas. I've always experienced art-making as a fun and therapeutic process, so I was looking for a way to share that joy with others, particularly with people who might not feel comfortable yet in creating their own drawings from scratch. At the time, coloring wasn't the huge craze that it is now, so I had no idea if people would actually buy it! I had never published (or even self-published) before so in many ways I was fumbling in the dark, but I was so inspired by the idea of creating art for others to enjoy through coloring that I stuck with it, hopeful that people would find value in the concept of coloring in my black and white line art. I had no idea what was yet to come!

Thaneeya with her coloring books at Michaels

I finished the coloring book in 2011 and offered it on my website as a downloadable e-book that people could print at home as many times as they want, whenever they wanted a relaxing activity. To my delight and surprise, this concept was such a success that I created 5 more printable coloring e-books, which soon led to a publishing contract and licensing deals! I have since created over 30 published coloring books that have been sold in stores around the world. Here’s a pic of me the first time I saw my coloring books in a store way back in 2014! I was also tickled to see my Peace & Love Coloring Book make a brief appearance on the Ellen show in 2015! 🤩

Thaneeya McArdle’s Peace & Love Coloring Book on the Ellen show!

It fills me with joy to know that people around the world are coloring in my line art, exploring their creative side and enjoying the therapeutic benefits of coloring. It’s an honor whenever people ask me when my next coloring book or set of printables are coming out. It means a lot to me that after all these years and all these coloring pages, people still want more, so THANK YOU!! 💖

A few years ago I started a coloring group on Facebook ( where people can share their colored pages from my coloring books, as well as ask questions and share tips. Please have a look to get inspired - and if you've purchased my coloring books, please feel free to join and upload your colored art! I'd love to see what you created! 😍