Coloring Tutorials

These coloring tutorials for adults and teens will help you take your coloring skills to the next level!

Follow along the step-by-step demonstrations as you learn to color in the whimsical artworks below. All of these tutorials are based on pre-existing line art from my coloring books and printables, so no drawing skills are required!

Improve your coloring skills as you learn new coloring techniques with these fun online art lessons!

Alcohol Marker Tutorials

Alcohol Marker Portrait Tutorial

Learn to create a whimsical portrait in this step-by-step alcohol marker portrait tutorial! You’ll learn to create volume, dimension, highlights and shadows to lend a sense of realism to this whimsical illustration.


Free Alcohol Marker Course

One of the best ways to learn new coloring techniques is to watch video lessons by a professional artist! 😍

In my Free Alcohol Markers Course, you can print out the line art for the butterfly below and color along with me as I demonstrate various alcohol marker blending techniques, step-by-step!

Whimsical Alcohol Marker Tutorial

Learn how to create vibrant, eye-catching alcohol marker blends in this alcohol marker tutorial! Follow along this step-by-step demo to bring this hippie poodle to life with gorgeous colors.


Wizard Cat Coloring Course

Get out your markers and join me on a whimsical journey as we color in this magical wizard cat! 😻

In this fun, easy-to-follow Wizard Cat Alcohol Marker Course, you get a detailed, up-close view as I walk you through the steps of creating vibrant, eye-catching alcohol marker art! Printable line art is included!

If you’re brand new to alcohol markers, check out my main Alcohol Markers page, where you’ll find tons of info to help you get started. Learn about my favorite alcohol marker brands, see a gallery of alcohol marker art, and more!

Coloring Videos

Check out my coloring videos on YouTube!

In the video below, you’ll learn about my favorite easy coloring techniques for combining markers, colored pencils and paint pens!

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Colored Pencil Tutorial

Learn how to color in the whimsical scene below in my detailed colored pencil tutorial! You’ll learn step-by-step how to create smooth, gradual blends to create a sense of depth and dimension in your colored pencil art!

If you're brand new to colored pencils, check out my detailed Colored Pencils Guide, where you can learn everything you need to know to get started with using colored pencils!

Best Techniques for Colored Pencil Realism

Although it’s not a step-by-step tutorial, you can still learn a lot as I share with you my absolute favorite techniques for drawing realism with colored pencils as I color in the rainbow rose below! 😍

You can also watch my coloring process unfold from start to finish in my Rainbow Rose Coloring Video!

Mixed Media Tutorial

Learn how to use a variety of media in my detailed unicorn coloring tutorial! I’ll show you how to use markers, colored pencils, paint pens and gel pens to color in this whimsical Christmas unicorn.

Coloring Supplies

Learn all about my favorite coloring supplies, including my favorite brands of colored pencils, markers, paint pens, gel pens and more!

Online Video Course

Ultimate Guide to Using Alcohol Markers

Learn how to create the vibrant works of art below in my Ultimate Guide to Using Alcohol Markers! Print out the line art and follow along as I demonstrate step-by-step the alcohol marker blending techniques that will make your alcohol marker art really shine!

This course is suitable for all skill levels, because it’s designed to take you from beginner to advanced. With 11+ hours of instructional video and 40+ pages of downloadable resources, this course will teach you everything you need to know to create eye-catching alcohol marker art!

Click below to watch the course trailer!

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