Abstract Art

Abstract art is like visual poetry. Though instead of words and sentences, abstract artwork uses color, shape, line, form, pattern and texture to create a visual dance of the spirit.

On this site you can explore the meaning of abstract artwork, as well as learn how to make your own abstract artwork in a variety of media. Browse the Table of Contents below to find the topics and tutorials that most interest you!

Table of Contents

Learn About Abstract Art

  • Abstract Artwork as a Style: Discusses what abstract artwork looks like, in terms of form, color, line, texture, pattern, composition and process.

  • Need help understanding abstract artwork? If modern abstract art is a mystery to you, read this informative explanation of how to understand, experience and appreciate abstraction.

  • Color in Art: A Look at the Many Combinations and Effects of Abstract Colors

  • Patterns in Art: Find out how patterns can make abstract art interesting! Lots of examples included.

Make Your Own Abstract Art

  • Here's an enlightening step-by-step visual guide about how to paint abstract artwork in acrylics. If you like colorful artwork and want to learn techniques for creating your own acrylic paintings, this guide is for you!

  • Learn how to paint rocks with acrylic paint pens! I’ve included a detailed step-by-step video so you can follow along and watch my techniques up-close.

  • Make your own abstract watercolor painting! These watercolor painting instructions will show you step-by-step how to paint your own colorful abstract art, from start to finish.

  • Discover a variety of modern abstract artwork! Find out the different techniques and processes used to create this abstract artwork. Hello, inspiration!

  • Discover the colorful world of Day of the Dead art! View intricate skull art that celebrates Día de Muertos in style. Learn what November 1 and 2 are all about!

  • Learn how to draw a mandala using these easy steps! Once you know how to draw mandalas, you can easily create your own mandalas to reflect your inner spirit.

  • Create a mind map to help you explore and clarify the contents of your mind. Learn how to mind map step-by-step by following the creation of my mind map example!

  • Learn how to draw patterns step by step! This fun and easy drawing tutorial shows you how to draw 4 different patterns. You'll also learn how to come up with your own ideas for patterns off the top of the your head.

  • Here's a fun Henna Hand Designs Art Project, where you can learn how to make a funky self-portrait featuring your very own hands and a dazzling array of abstract designs!

  • Learn how to draw paisley in this easy step-by-step lesson! Explore your creativity to fill your paisley with unique patterns and designs. Get inspired!

What is Abstract Art?

The beauty and freedom of abstraction is that it is not supposed to look like anything. Therefore it's the perfect way to express lofty, intangible concepts - such as timeless questions of a spiritual nature, or an exploration of the deep pools of human emotions, or an investigation of the various mysteries of life and existence. (Although that's not to say that all abstract art is heavily laden with deep existential meaning... a successful abstract can also be simply a pretty picture that uses pleasing colors!)

By its very nature, abstraction encourages free association, which means you can assign your own meaning to the artwork. It won't tell you what it's about... you must experience the artwork for yourself, and understand it in your own way. Because of this, it takes a heightened sensitivity to both create and appreciate abstract artwork. Just like music is patterns of sound, abstract art is a harmony of patterns and rhythms of color, form and/or line.

Take a look at my painting above, Surface Reality. A talented young musician described it very well by writing: "Surface Reality is music you can hold in your hand. It is music eye candy." His description was well-put and spot-on!

Abstract art is visual music. The colors and designs form harmonies and melodies that resonate off the canvas and reverberate in the mind and heart of the viewer. Many of the first abstract artists were influenced by music, such as Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky.

Abstract art expresses things that are beyond what we can see with our eyes. Instead of portraying images that we can easily grasp or understand, abstract art focuses on the non-linear world of emotions and the subconscious. It is a language of color. Through colors, shapes and designs, abstract artwork explores inner worlds and essences, corresponding to an inner reality. It is the perfect platform for exploring the nature of consciousness, and the contemplative and timeless questions of transcendence and spirituality.

Learn to color this mandala

Mandalas are a timeless, ever-popular abstract art form. Learn how to color in the luminescent mandala below in my Ultimate Guide to Using Alcohol Markers! Print out the line art and follow along at home at your own pace, as I demonstrate step-by-step how to color in this vibrant mandala!

Printable Abstract Coloring Pages

If you like my abstract art, check out my printable Abstract Coloring Book with 20 pages of intricate abstract line art to fill in with COLOR!

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